Tag: Teenage Runaway

A Dozen Pretty Words

Forget me; forget me not. I’m standin’ my ground – yesterday’s dirt piled high. My heart beatin’ to a new tune. ‚ô¶ Pretty words by the dozen offered on a silver music sheet. Singin’ with the man on the moon, they suspect me unworthy – ah well. ‚ô¶ Pretty words dazzle in the sun, but

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Autumn’s Sword

Cloaked in darkness, a young girl stands scared and alone;¬†a lone chorus looping in triumph – “I did it. I ran away!”¬† Uprooted dreams washed away to the tone¬†of a mother’s stony voice, words soured with spite – for no one stood to nay¬†a father guarding his daughter’s honor, marching her down the aisle without

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