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Unspoken Promises

In a smoke filled room, her eyes settle on mine, reading the latest scribblings from my soul. What phrase is she weighing so closely? Will she read the bits scrawled outside the margins? What does her smile say? Recognition dawning, her eyes tell a story of love and compassion with the soft whisper of passion, heard only by me. Unknown to

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Love’s Awakening

“RenĂ©e, will you marry me?”… “I can not. My heart once yours, given to another by love’s decree. My heart now belonging to her.” Love in the first degree… A chance encounter or destiny, they sometimes pause to wonder. Maria spotting RenĂ©e across a smokey room filled with invisible strangers. Forgetting to exhale, green eyes entreating grey. Unforeseen, fueled by foreign desire, their

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