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The Ocean’s Tide

Bathed in your love,  my imperfections  washed clean. Before you, my self laid bare. Through you, my self returned. Keepers of this love Рour love, my wings grown strong. Wings stretching in anticipation.


Beating of the Stars

Abandoned night after¬†night, weeping ¬†in your sleep. Never that far to start, I hear your sobs¬†beating on the stars. I know you can’t hear ¬†me,¬† but I love you. And, in case ¬†I never told you, I’m proud of you. Your shoulders straight;¬†your will ironclad. I know you can’t see me, but I’m here. I

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While She Dreams

I reach out,…¬† but you’re gone. How long – long forgotten. Outside, my pain¬†reaching across the¬†mountains, umoved¬†by anguished¬†pleas, disappearing into the cold March air. Calling the stars ¬†to¬†guide my prayers. Looking for hope in¬†the snow. Pure,¬†unstained by sorrow. Renewing itself alongside passing clouds. My name written in white – should they see,¬†hearing my cries. What

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Moon Waning

As she lay there¬†at night, wondering where¬†it all went wrong. Wondering¬†what ‘she’ did wrong. Escaping¬†the cage only¬†to remain trapped. Still trapped in fear – Its grip unshakable. Unconvinced just yet. One cage replaced¬†by another. Where do you put the¬†hurt when you’re done?… As she lay there¬†at night, under¬†a waning moon. Wrapped inside¬†the arms of innocence.

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Unsettled Dust

Her world plastered¬†with loss and loneliness. Nowhere to hide.¬†Nowhere to turn. Cruel words¬†haunting her thoughts… Too many cruel acts¬†leaving their mark. Beaten by love. Nowhere to hide. And nowhere to turn. An empty wallet¬†with nothing¬†left to give. Two little girls¬†needing shoes. Their mother needing a miracle. Her world plastered¬†with loss and loneliness. And nowhere to

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Freedom’s Flight

 Soaring high above the earth. Wings outstretched. Ascending higher. The clouds beneath me, surrounded by infinity. The blood of my ancestors flowing freely through proud veins. The wind roaring in my ears like waves crashing against jagged rock. Feathers slick with exertion from my overseas flight. I need to rest momentarily. The sun about to

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Trapped inside an invisible cage, looking out in hopeless resignation, your wings long clipped. Life hasn’t been kind to you. Your dreams and desires cover the floor like leaves blowing in the wind on a cold autumn’s day. Hope replaced by sorrow, a lone figure at the edge of the river. Life, mocking your childish

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