Tag: Dreams


Ā “Step over the box.” His meaning clear. A box appearingĀ from nowhere. Supposedly indifferent,Ā seeming unmovable. Tenable words.Ā Untenable doubt rising… Fear clouding over. The choice never given,Ā ever out of reach. Now presented. The box simple enough, with nothing unusual to see. The usual four sides. Cardboard flapsĀ dangling wide. Nothing to hide. But I knew different. The monster

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Curtains falling as reality implodes onto slumber’s star studded stage. Sailing sleep’s somniferous Ā oceans, ephemeral dreams night’s beloved visitors. Saturn’s rings a celestial highway, lashes sweeping its dusty roads. Moonlight lending light speed. Destination: the City of Atlantis. Translucent souls immured in imperfection, slippery shadows still slumming thought. Sequestered spirit summoned, star forged, hooves ablaze,

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