Cookie Jar



She’s a lady for hire in high end silk –

If you can afford her, that is.

She’ll laugh at all your jokes,

and make you forget you’re payin’.

And you’re not gonna care no more

cause she’s yours for the night.

Josephine’s gonna make it all right.

Her latest creation on the floor.

But she’s makin’ a living, so she dances.

And they treat her right – most nights.

They don’t wanna spoil the illusion

wrapped in fine lace and high end silk.


A little girl tucked in lavender sheets

with another deadbeat dad ridin’ into the sunset.

Josephine’s secret tucked in her purse.

Nobody knows the price she’s payin’.

Two more years until she’s done –

savin’ her dreams in a cookie jar.

Two more years lyin’ about her nights.

Fairy tales about white knights and crystal balls.

Late nights and early morning hugs.

Josephine on her way to work,

servin’ coffee and smiles until her feet hurt –

But she’s makin’ a living, so she dances.

2017-04-2-19-17-19Β©Brenda Baker 2017

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