Carla’s Song



Her long slender back turned to the crowd

while a single guitar starts to the left.

A slow beating reminder of that afternoon

as Jimmy’s fingers slide across its silver strings.

They been playin’ for nearly five years

and sang the same song a thousand times.

A favorite among the local patron

looking to drink away their troubles.

Carla’s voice sweeter than honey

after an honest day out there –

Workin’ for dollars and dimes

to pay the rich man’s dues.


A red vision in blue smoke

singin’ the Blues til morning.

One more sad song in Harlem

where the blues bleed til they’re dry.

Carla singin’ her story one song at a time.ย 

This one about another forbidden love,

stolen kisses in the afternoon,

and a pretty wife waitin’ at home.

The same old song and dance.

One more learnin’ to sing the blues –

Drinkin’ her troubles away before five.ย 

One more soul wonderin’ why.

One more soul wonderin’ where it all went wrong.


ยฉBrenda Baker 2017

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