A Blog Party


I have been thinking about something. You guys are awesome. Yes you–each one of you fellow bloggers–are AWESOME. I read your blogs and am constantly blown away by everyone’s life story… your writing… your adventures… your photography. So…I would like to try something to encourage even more connections…with me and with each other… 🌺 I want you to promote yourself! 🌺 And here’s how: ♥ Leave a few words about your blog (or anything else you want to share) ♥ Leave a link ♥ Share or re-blog this post if you think others will be interested. ♥ Take a moment to check out and support each other. ♥ Come back HERE as often as you’d like this weekend. Feel free to leave your links multiple times. You guys are wonderful. So let us share the love! With love, Puppydoc

via 💙 Meet & Greet: A Puppydoc Party! 💙 — Musings of PuppyDoc

23 comments on “A Blog Party”

  1. Thanks fot the opportunity!

    My blog, aim-med.com, is about #poetry inspired by struggles with stigma and exclusion aimed at promoting health an wellness. Please consider stopping by for a visit!

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  2. Thank you for hosting a Meet & Greet! My blog, kindergartenknowledge.com, is little about my 18 year public teaching career, a little about my previous career in journalism, and a lot about family, friendship, and the challenge to find who you really are. It is said that everything you need to learn was learned in kindergarten…maybe the important part is that what you liked when you were five years old is what you will still like today! Just a thought!

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    1. It’s so nice to meet you. 🙂 I’m a teacher as well. I would love to say that this is my meet and greet, but I’m just sharing for Puppydoc. She’s a fantastic lady and blogger. Please feel free to drop by her blog. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

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  3. Thanks for the invite to your blog party. To the fellow bloggers, my blog is entitled Peaceful Journey. I started my journal over seven years ago (writing and self-discovery). I write topics addressing the matters of the heart. Emotions I write about have a range of love to hate. I believe to give fair representation to emotions we must include all aspects. My goal is to empower and uplift. When time allows feel free to visit. I look forward to meet other blogs along my journey.



  4. I’d like to do it but I’m totally “done” for today…worked all day with power-point presentation haha nothing’s left. It’s late here in Sweden too. All I can do – watch a movie 🙃 maybe next time 😛🏋️‍♀️

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    1. Hi there! Nice to meet you.😊Please feel free as well to drop by Jacqueline’s blog. She’s the actual host of the blog party. I’m just the reblogger haha.😊 She’s an amazing and talented writer.😊


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