Ruby the Red Maple

Originally posted on November 15th, 2015.


Autumn background with a tree and golden leaves. Vector.

Trunk slightly curved, tall and pliant,

arms swaying softly while awaiting

her queen seldom seen but soon to be arriving.

Slender fingers reluctant

to surrender Fall’s coat, a resplendent

canopy of reds and gold.

Young and old,

brothers and sisters, all attendant

for this timeless ceremony.

Each Maple adorned in similar fashion.

Each standing in proud conversation,

observing required civility.

A carpet of reds and gold


                                                at their feet,

Queen Chimeon’s return of no small enterprise.

So, no matter the size,

they all worked toward the same feat.

Phthinorphan has been kind this year,

their colours especially vibrant.

A fact made clear as cameras flashed in ardent

desire to capture their beauty and grace held dear

by an approving audience in awe’s wake.

And – as queens are allowed to do,

Queen Chimeon will be arriving late –

unencumbered by the restraints of me or you…

Relinquished leaves danced upon the sound of Queen Chimeon’s arrival,

rising to salute their new queen,





                  hoping to glean

her esteemed approval.

All bowed in sage reverence,

reds and gold replaced by somber

grey befitting the occasion. Winter surely here

with Queen Chimeon ready to reign – well known for her patience,

strength and wisdom. Queen Chimeon’s anger

quick but impartial.

The queen’s judgement never questioned until now – A single maple

unwilling to renounce her festive coat achieved under

Phthinorphan’s rule. Ruby’s vibrant colours

still the subject of admiration.

Queen Chimeon explains to the sapling that such vanity will bring assured destruction,

unable to survive the long winter’s

cold in her flimsy coat.

A stubborn sapling indeed,

Ruby refuses to heed

the queen’s wise words, preferring to gloat

among the other maples, dressed in their dark winter’s armor.

Cold creeping in for Rudy is still not ready,

Queen Chimeon summons the wind, her hands unsteady

as she instructs him in a final bid to ensure

the willful sapling’s survival.

A sudden gust blasts from the north,

surrounding the young maple, henceforth

afraid for her life, arms convulsing in upheaval

as futile leaves fall

unceremoniously  to the ground

frozen beneath, marking winter’s solstice in a final flourish…Ruby now bound

by gratitude – cold cast off, vanity vanquished once and for all.

© 2015 Brenda Baker

Originally posted on November 15th, 2015. At that time, I had very few people within my community so I wanted to share once again. 🙂

17 comments on “Ruby the Red Maple”

  1. What a lovely fable! I was thinking these thoughts yesterday as I was walking through the forest, it seemed it may have been the last day to capture some shots of fall’s glorious colours – I could not believe how many trees already had their grey armour on!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The rain and wind here are making short work of all the beautiful leaves exposing colourful berries in their wake! So far, I’ve seen deep purple, white and shiny red berries – the rose hips are lovely to look at as well. Snow is so magical…hope you enjoy your Sunday!

        Liked by 1 person

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