Rattle the Cage


farewell to childhood

A Shelter on the street corner –

a place to lay my head at night.

I’m Β not complainin’ – not tonight.

I’m off the street, and growin’ old.

My roommate asleep in the corner.

She doesn’t know I don’t care

who she loves – she does though.

I can’t find the words to share –

rhymin’ my lines instead.

I’ll Β keep quiet til morning.

I’m off the street, and growin’ old.

A shelter against the world –

A refuge from cold reality.

lonely girl

Alone with my thoughts in the dark.

Another day, another chance

to makes things right gone by.

Better luck tomorrow, she says.

Does she know something I don’t?

She’s not sharin’ her secret.

Her lips closed in conviction.

I’ve seen that look before, but where?

My mind shaken like a baby’s rattle.

I knew her once, a long time ago.

I liked her too – she stood without fear.

Where is she now? I wanna know.

I’m gonna find her, but where?

The baby shakin’ the rattle

waiting for me to play.

Someday I’m gonna rattle the whole damn cage.Β 

farewell to dreams

Β©Brenda Baker 2016

This is the sixth part in an ongoing series about Autumn who ran away from home. This started as an independent narrative poem. But at some point, I decided to turn it into a series. If you would like to read more from this series, please check out the Hushed Voices category. πŸ™‚

44 comments on “Rattle the Cage”

    1. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. πŸ™‚ I would love to claim the pictures as my own creation, unfortunately I can’t. I get all my pictures from fotolia.com


      1. Thank you, Miriam. I’ve been wondering if I’m succeeding in that regard. Sometimes I’ll ask myself if she’d really use certain words and look for a way of expressing her thoughts in a manner more reflective of her young voice.😊

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