Winter’s Moon


Road to the Galaxy

We met under a winter’s moon

with broken hearts hidden inside 

down coats zipped up to dare

the cold – should it be tempted.

I met you in my dreams once,

reaching out to touch your soul

while the stars kissed my cheeks. 

3D background with moon over sea

Their light pure and untainted 

by the darkness surrounding them.

They knew what I could not:

The time had not yet come

for me to land within my destiny.

3D background with island in sea

I thought you a fragment 

of my imagination, teasing me

with your promise of love

and winter vacations on Venus –

Venus herself bestowing blessings of plenty

as she presided over our union

with the moon beaming in witness.

Abstract space scene

The morning light chasing you back

into the night – waiting my return.

But it was you who returned to me

for I forgot to stay on the path

and became lost in the lies.

3D space background

©Brenda Baker 2016

I wrote this poem with the sole intention of enjoying the writing process. I also indulged my love of surreal art. 🙂

35 comments on “Winter’s Moon”

  1. Hello Brenda! Happy to be on your blog again.I have just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award for your amazing writings😊i just love your blog so much so its your choice to accept it or deny it, but if u accept it ,i would be waiting for your lines😊

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