Tomorrow’s Gift


Blue Diamond

She’s an uncut diamond with

edges weathered by time,

her sides honed to

sleek refinement. 

She’s a diamond that’s been 

polished until either 

part shines in mirrored


diamond background

She deflects fake intentions,

each slope a reflection 

of time – some shaped by

force, some by nature.

All points a revelation

of nature’s beauty, in

bold contrast to her 

humble beginnings.

Diamond jewel


to defy the odds,

yielding unmatched strength.

Now steady before a twist of fate.

Unyielding in her

determination to

exist in this world

of uncertain discourse.

diamond jewelry on black background

Certain of the right to 

carve out her future – 

despite current


The future unbiased

and open to all those

willing to forge ahead –

3 D render of shiny diamond.

extending an 

open invitation

to surpass her pain.

3 D render of shiny diamond.

©2016 Brenda Baker

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