Silent Pages


Creative concept image of lavender in Summer sunset in page sof

Eyes pausing as we exchange

a familiar look – 

their meaning clear.

The need for silence well observed.

Creatice concept image of setting sun reflected in still lake wa

Words wasted in mutual understanding.

Enough noise out there.

In here, the silence speaks.

My life contained within its volumes –

Magical book with contents spilling into landscape background

Some stacked high, some 

scattered and collecting dust.

As they are, a mess

to the untrained eye.

Each volume in its rightful place.

Vibrant Autumn Fall forest landscape coming out of magic book

Each volume memorized

and categorized

according to mistakes

and triumphs.

Each one treasured

for its contribution.

Magical book with contents spilling into landscape background

The collection intact

and unbroken by

time or events.

The dusty ones

appearing falsely 

discarded –

laid aside for

the approaching storm.

Book concept Fantasy skyscape sunset over surreal vortex formati© 2016 Brenda Baker

27 comments on “Silent Pages”

    1. I wish that I could say yes, but unfortunately I don’t. All images come from It can sometimes take a few hours to find what I’m looking for. But it’s always worth it.😊

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      1. The are stunning. I used to hunt photos to illustrate a light-hearted fantasy/adventure serial I have on FB. Ten months of daily posts = a heck of a lotta time spent seeking images and hunting down photographic credits. Yes, I know what you mean.

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      2. I love having the one site where I can go to find what I need. I also don’t have to worry about copyright issues which I really appreciate. I would love to check out your FB page btw. 🙂

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