An introduction to my gorgeous friend Brenda Baker of Cybernetic blonde…


I had the honor of being interviewed by my beautiful and super talented friend, Jacqueline! If you haven’t already checked out her fantastic blog, please do so. I promise, you’ll be happy that you did!

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Since I met Brenda a couple of months ago, we’ve got on famously to such an extent that she made a decision to pitch a tent in my blogging camp as a strategic partner.

Her articles pull the writer in so much so that you follow the journey of her words and live in their nakedness. I admire her drive and I see her going far.

All the best my dear friend and thank you for accepting to step in and have a chat with us.



With one of her gorgeous daughters.

First of all, I would like to thank Jacqueline for interviewing me. I’m both honored and humbled.

Secondly, I ‘m a teacher who loves learning, writing, music and coffee.

I mostly substitute teach with replacement positions. I substitute teach by choice. It offers me the chance to see as many students as possible.

If I took a full-time position…

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