The Ocean’s Tide


Beautiful woman swiming underwater

Bathed in your love, 

my imperfections 

washed clean.

Before you, my self laid bare.

Through you, my self returned.

Keepers of this love – our love,

my wings grown strong.

Wings stretching in anticipation.

Your self waiting – in

patient restraint, 

while I explore

the depth of your purpose.

Bathed in your love,

I’m freed from earth’s


Free to explore

sea and sky.

Beautiful woman swiming underwater

Love’s ancient secrets

written on the oceans’ 

tides, revealed now under

a glittering moon.

Before you, my self laid bare,

adding our secret

to the ocean’s tide,


at our


Beautiful woman underwater swiming

©2016 Brenda Baker

8 comments on “The Ocean’s Tide”

  1. Wow!!!!
    These images and the words sway in together so swiftly and smoothly! BEAUTIFUL PIECE BUD! Lots of love from Psychedelic Bay – Cezane


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