Temporal Notes


Advance of Music

The music embracing

in wanton abandon;

clothing me in its lush notes,

my body renewed.

My mind surrendered to

their sweet seduction,

riding each  each note to

climatic ruin.

Synergies of Music

Each crescendo cause

for celebration.

The perfect blend of

highs and lows.


my senses. Drenching them

in exaltation.

Reality shifting gears.

Virtual Music

The day relinquished.

My soul surfing 

the last wave, crashing

into silence.

Remnants scattering

as the music

releases my shattered


Inner Life of Music

©2016 Brenda Baker

Inspired by my love of music. I can’t imagine living in a world devoid of its beauty.

22 comments on “Temporal Notes”

    1. Thank you, Mihran. There’s a really good chance that I was listening to music as I wrote this. I listen to a lot of instrumental music. 🙂 Thank you for the follow btw. 🙂 I plan to drop by your way very soon. 🙂


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