Quote Challenge – Day 1




Inspirational and motivational vintage quote

I would to thank  Ioana from Music Teacher Lifestyle for nominating me. Please check out her blog before you go!

The rules: 3 Days – 3 Quotes – 3 Nominees each day.

No pressure to participate!

Today’s nominees are:

Business In Rhyme

Simply Etta D.

A Kinder Way

Photo Credits:

Photos #s 1 and 2 courtesy of google images.

Photo #3 courtesy of fotolia.com

10 comments on “Quote Challenge – Day 1”

  1. Thank you for nominating Business in Rhyme for a quote challenge. Yet, my personal policy is that with blog I just want to inspire and motivate people to write. I don’t participate in any competitions, awards, challenges, ext, because I want to keep certain format I developed. I’m very honored and humbled by your gesture. Thank you for understanding,

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