Beating of the Stars


Wooden Path Star Scape

Abandoned night after night,

weeping  in your sleep.

Never that far to start,

I hear your sobs beating on the stars.

I know you can’t hear  me, 

but I love you.

And, in case  I never told you,

I’m proud of you.

Your shoulders straight; your will ironclad.

I know you can’t see me,

but I’m here.

I wince before the sorrow

Face of woman with cracked skin

lining your face,

remembering the child

wakened from a nightmare.

You crawled long before your walked,

then running before long.

You will run again,

crumbling mountains one by one.

Your strength a shelter to innocence.

Your arms a safe harbor for love…

You can’t hear me,

but you’re loved as

when you were first born.

You can’t see me, but I’m here as

you take your first steps.


©2016 Brenda Baker

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