Unspoken Promises


abstract texture complex maze

In a smoke filled room,

her eyes settle on mine,

reading the latest scribblings from my soul.

What phrase is she weighing so closely?

Will she read the bits



the margins?

What does her smile say?

Recognition dawning, her eyes tell a story

of love and compassion with

Love Tree

the soft whisper of passion,

heard only by me.

Unknown to me, but driven to find –

night creeping in.

Lost in a maze of blank walls,

save some lonely words, fading with time.

My soul now drawn


unspoken promise.

Nature’s balance unfolding

to a smoky love song…

In a smoke filled room,

my soul released.

My secret cleared; my heart given.

Love Therapy

©2016 Brenda Baker

Inspired by one of my earlier poems: Love’s Awakening

Love is universal, universally experienced.

9 comments on “Unspoken Promises”

  1. The more you read this poem; the more meaning one draws from it. This is not easily archived, and yet you make it look effortless. I agree with Jacqueline!!! Beautiful!!

    Liked by 1 person

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