Spring Cleaning


Mother Nature

Ten years of pain

hidden from the world.

Invisible wounds

shaping thought to alter reality.

Slowly shifting,

the fight undertaken

to forge a new reality.

Forged from old,

hung behind the day to day wear –

Outlived and kicked

to the sidewalk.

Spring cleaning underway.

illustration of an painted eye with its genes in flames

Grit replacing grief,

stitched in anger.

A cold armor shielding my heart in repair.

The ground unthawing, 

my pain on ice – Most of it

washed away –

Recycled on rainy days.

Today sunny and clear.

My longing laid bare in the fair blue sky.

Dreams making their way

 up through the mud.

Bush of surreal dark chrome retro styled pelargonium flowers isolated on black

©2016 Brenda Baker

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