Color Wheel


Colorful hot air balloon from inside.

I’m a woman…I’m Irish…

I’m Canadian, and you?

I’m a man…I’m Hispanic…

I’m American, and you?

I’m a father…I’m a son…

I’m a brother, and you?

I’m a mother…I’m a daughter…

I’m a sister, and you?

I’m neither…I’m undecided…

I’ll figure it out, and you?

Happy people during Festival of colours Holi

I’m a lawyer…I’m a writer…

I’m out of work, and you?

I’m a nurse…I’m an entrepreneur…

I’m a gardener, and you?

I’m a student…I’m a waiter…

I’m a YouTuber, and you?

Young people hands covered in Holi Colors under blue sky

I’m a giver and a taker. I’m a seeker,

and you?

I’m strong and I’m weak. I’ve made mistakes,

and you?

I’m a peacemaker and a fighter. I have dreams,

and you?

I’m your neighbor across the street.

I’m your neighbor across the border.

I’m your neighbor across the globe.

Holi collage. People celebrate festival Holi

©2016 Brenda Baker

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