While She Dreams

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I reach out,…Ā 

but you’re gone.

How long – long forgotten.

Outside, my painĀ reaching across theĀ mountains,

umovedĀ by anguishedĀ pleas, disappearing

into the cold March air.

Calling the stars Ā toĀ guide my prayers.

Looking for hope inĀ the snow.

Pure,Ā unstained by sorrow.

Renewing itself

alongside passing clouds.

muri prime

My name written in

white – should they see,Ā hearing my cries.

What do I ask?

I ask for a futureĀ written in love.

Surrender, my bestĀ claim to tomorrow.

Surrendering thisĀ life to live again.

But first, to let youĀ go.

Courage renewing itself

alongside passing clouds.

Your name replacing

mine in the snow,Ā stained in black.

blond girl fly toward snow mountains

Ā©2016 Brenda Baker

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