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Monster in dark

 “Step over the box.”

His meaning clear.

A box appearing from nowhere.

Supposedly indifferent, seeming unmovable.

Tenable words. Untenable doubt rising…

Fear clouding over.

The choice never given, ever out of reach.

Now presented.

The box simple enough,

with nothing unusual to see.

The usual four sides.

Cardboard flaps dangling wide.

Nothing to hide.

French window on cardboard

But I knew different.

The monster inside sleeping for now.

As I stand outside, making up my mind…

“Step over the box.”

“But what if I fall, waking the monster

to make his meal?”

“You won’t.”

Basins of truth sharing their wisdom.

“I’m scared.”

“I know.”

Then,… I knew. Leaping forward,

I trampled the box.

The illustration shows the girl who admires the star sky

©2016 Brenda Baker

Inspired by a dream in which my father, who had passed away a couple of years prior, advised me that all I had to do was step over the box.


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