Fallen Nails


home sketch

Sittin’ on a bench.

People goin’ by.

Abandoned inside.

An empty smile

on my lips.

Pain hiding

behind fake quiet.

Memories muddled

in misery.

Miserable silence

suffocating me.

Distress And Suffering

A muffled scream



People goin’ by.

Blind the lot of ’em.

Blind to lonely tears.

My tears!





Raining tears

Useless emotion

shoved aside.

How did I get here?

Here, lost beside you.

Where do I go?

Can someone

answer me –


Can’t you hear me?

Can’t you see me

between the tears?

I’m right here.

Sittin’ on a bench

as you go by.

Abandoned inside.

Women eye, close-up

ยฉ2016 Brenda Baker

This is the second poem inspired by a beautiful woman whose strength and courage inspire me daily ๐Ÿ’œ

I’ve included the link below just in case you would like to check out the first poem dedicated to that same courageous woman ๐Ÿ’œ


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