May Flowers


Lotus flower in the rain

Monday Morning.

A new week beginning.

I have a job that I love.

I have a job

while many do not.

Turbulent Tuesday.

Tyler interrupting yet again.

Class disrupted once again.

Always joking, a natural comedian.

Does he know how funny he is?

Mid-week recycled.

Dawson suddenly telling me he loves spaghetti.

The kindest blue eyes in school.

In the thick of Thursday now.

Another busy week flying by in a wink.

Students dropping by for a quick chat,

asking how I’m doing.

Do they know 

how much their kindness matters?

Lotus flower in the rain

Happy Friday!

Students listening during my entire lecture.

My self-defined ‘bad’ class –

Only they’re not.

They are the future.

Suddenly Saturday.

A day of chores and catching up to self.

So much in store.

A hot bath waiting patiently.

Sunday sneaking up.

The weekend nearly done.

Why the haste? The day not for waste.

Time to reconnect. The rest can wait…

The present offering

its gift of now.

Lotus flower in the rain

©2016 Brenda Baker

Each day gives us the opportunity to rejoice. Each day being an opportunity to count our blessings, whether big or small 💜

2 comments on “May Flowers”

    1. Hi Amy 😊 Thank you for taking the time to comment 💜 I think that sometimes we become so busy that we forget to be grateful for all that we have. I wanted to start my week with gratitude 😀 I hope you have a fantastic day and happy Tuesday 😀

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