Freedom’s Flight


spread your wings

 Soaring high


the earth.

Wings outstretched.

Ascending higher.

The clouds

beneath me,

surrounded by infinity.

The blood

of my ancestors

flowing freely

through proud veins.

The wind roaring

in my ears

like waves crashing

against jagged rock.

Feathers slick

with exertion

from my

overseas flight.

I need to rest momentarily.

The sun

about to rise.

Its glory

cause for humility.

Reminding me

of my smallness

in the vastness

of time

and space.


to catch

the first morning light

with renewed verve.


to and fro.


clouds along the way.


about the flight,

the canvass below

always changing.

A few fishermen

already at work.

A familiar sight

in these parts.

No time for further rest.

My next journey underway!

Soaring high


the earth.

Wings outstretched…

©2016 Brenda Baker

5 comments on “Freedom’s Flight”

  1. Brenda, this is magnificent. I actually felt the motion of flying and the power with which you describe this journey!!! Masterfully written!!! Thank you for stopping at Petals or I would have missed this. I go sometimes for days not being on WP (I do have a life 🙂 ) and I also have noticed not all blogs come through on my reader. This is just SOOOO good!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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