Cosmic Scene on Curtain

Curtains falling as reality implodes

onto slumber’s star studded stage.

Sailing sleep’s somniferous  oceans,

ephemeral dreams night’s beloved visitors.

realistic saturn in open space

Saturn’s rings a celestial highway,

lashes sweeping its dusty roads.

Moonlight lending light speed.

Destination: the City of Atlantis.

Memories of Mind Particle

Translucent souls immured in imperfection,

slippery shadows still slumming thought.

Sequestered spirit summoned, star forged,

hooves ablaze, achieving swift passage.


A tireless soldier and intergalactic traveler,

bravely slaying dreams’ false prophets.

Lucidity’s eternal shield, ancient

protector against the encroaching darkness.

While an anxious sun waits

to greet another impatient day,

reluctant to share light’s affirmation.

An everlasting dispute encircling time.

The stars transcending such petty strife,

their internal light burning evermore brightly.

Bidding temporal guests cheerful good-byes,

dreams awakening to a brand new dawn.

© 2016 Brenda Baker

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