A Letter to My Inner Critic


Space scene through window

Extending your hand…

I held on tight.

A naive heart branded by doubt,

my limitations monogrammed in bold lettering…


Frightened. Errant. Anxious. Running from Self.

A cold truth without refute,

mocking my aspirations.

Your preferred pastime…


inside a black hole

of self-


your voice sounding an old wisdom.


Cautiously…    Yin Yang Symbol in space with stars, about woman hair   Instinctively…


At last discerning a beam of light,

an atomic beacon of hope.

Light growing to a blaze,

igniting my spirit,

ejecting me from the darkness…

Your power now overshadowed

by mine.

Time to let go…

Time to fly.


companions in flight.

Two parts of a whole,

one entity.

A single evolution.

Free by designation,

a balance of matter and antimatter.

Symbiotic relationship in formation…

Past authored by you.

Present and future co-authored.

Vision clear; soul quiet;

my heart wide open…

I am surrounded by beauty…

I too, am beautiful.

Beautiful girl jumping into the night sky

©2016 Brenda Baker

4 comments on “A Letter to My Inner Critic”

  1. This piece deserves multiple reads, as each time you discover new meaning and truth.
    Perception is a wonderous and everchanging additive to any great work of art.
    This is a beautiful work of art!

    Thank you for continuing to open our inner eye.

    Liked by 1 person

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