Within These Walls


Woman shadow with zoom motion blur.

Windows closed in oppression under the sun’s blushing light.

Sight obscured by rubble striking from a bleary height.

Weathered facings under attack, irrational sounds irrupting – Smack!

The dark abyss of anger’s well

spewing its venomous brew in a hail

of contemptuous fury.

Warm wind carelessly caressing every

side in wanton abandon.

Ugliness obliterating a once peaceful union,

intent hereafter on decimation.

A jealous path carved through emptied rooms,

crashing into reality,

crushing truth,

crusading in the name of false perceptions.

Artwork painted by time askew on lonely walls in contemplation.

Lights flickering before the harsh stare of conviction.

Cold, so damn cold, chilling bone and soul, unknown what looms

ahead – breathe – damn it – respiration –

automated – supposedly –

in…and out…in…and out – The wind turned sleuth

pouncing in jubilation.

Unsated, jealousy’s appetite ravenous, exacting a steady diet of compensation.

Contention the main dish of consumption.

Sanctuary scrapped conclusively, casualty of an unwanted war.

Thoughtless destruction, an open door

to annihilation of promised future.

Old Deserted House

A wasted shell in ruins, afraid to uncover

windows concealing wreckage

strewn across the floor, with damages

not yet assessed. Salvaging pieces still intact

to rebuild from the remnants of senseless acts.

A new sanctuary fortified by stubborn resolution,

refurbished per imagination, recovered paintings cause for celebration.

Walls built with a single heart’s determination.

Outdoor stone stairs

©2015 Brenda Baker

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