Life’s Shores

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My dearest father, you seemed so wise as you helped my sisters and I with our school projects, always offering a helping hand, your patience infinite. You spoiled your children shamelessly, your love unwavering,joining us in play, preferring entertainment to discipline,your smile tireless.

 I loved you for it, and love you still.

A curious child, I listened uninvited to the conversations around me, often hearing of your exploits. They sounded so exciting to my childish ears. On life’s shores, exploring your identity with enthusiasm – of that – I’m sure.

Our consciousness, identity’s fingerprint, defines and distinguishes us, detailing our thoughts and beliefs, shaping our aspirations and sense of self, aligning our morals and values. Our conscience, forever guiding our choices, determines who we are.

My dearest father, you chose to follow the directions mapped out by your moral compass. Your most valued possession.

By its needle, achievements were measured, Following a code of conduct based on respect for everyone you met, demonstrating by example what it means to be human, and through our long discussions, helping me to develop my sense of right and wrong.

From you, I learned to value and nurture the innocence of children. I learned tolerance and acceptance, to respect the rights of others, regardless of our differences. Celebrating those differences instead which breathe bright, bold colors into our lives, the kaleidoscope of life.

You taught me to see the good within each of us.

Many years have passed since you joined Roy, accompanying him in heaven, together at last, eternity on your side.

Hearts enchanted.

Walk with Me

You are still missed by those you left behind. I still feel you warm presence from time to time, continuing to seek your advice in matters of importance. I wonder if you knew how much I valued your opinion.

This is your legacy.

You will forever remain in the hearts and memories of your friends, family and daughters. In this you have taught me your final lesson:

Life is transient; appreciate each day that we are given. Who we are endures through the people whose lives we affect. So live as you want to be remembered, for it is the only legacy that matters.

Thank you Dad for all that you have given me.

Thank your for always offering a helping hand and your endless patience.

Thank you for your unwavering love, your tireless smile –

eyes twinkling with mischief and merriment.

Words spoken with wisdom and compassion,

sharing your passion for knowledge –

Passing onto us, my sisters and me, your legacy.


Dad would not want us to be sad, but to be happy for him as he continues on his new path.

I would like to thank my sister, Emily Mayne for giving me permission to use her beautiful illustration depicting our father and brother Roy.

© 2015 Brenda Baker

To My Father: “Love Without End, Amen” by George Strait

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