By Way of Hope


Eyes of the Universe, space Eye, live space

Sad eyes searching, in quiet contemplation,

while dread invades quickly and without warning.

Truth, held captive, cries out to hope in anguish; its wings fluttering

in protest against cold, dark thoughts, seeking resolution,

but fearing the answer, evades the question.

Old doubts – unearthed in haste – have stirred, threatening

clarity’s consumption, truth’s faithful companion. Awaiting

aspiration, inspiration’s assured consummation.

Hazel eyes reflect a new found valor

As hope dawns on fear’s horizon, calling on faith once more.

Purpose blossoming, Hope ascends the murky waters, ever

cleansing her spirit-now freed to ignite

inspiration’s flame, lighting Hope’s way to open the door

for dreams unrealized, released at last from their deep stupor.

magic flower on water

© 2015 Brenda Baker

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