The Mists of Confusion


enchanted dark forest at night

Unheard amidst forgotten

Words left unspoken.

My thoughts a mess,

Scattered amiss,

Hidden in the mists

Of confusion.

Internal Recurrence series. Background design of human profile and fractal forms on the subject of inner reality, mental health, imagination, thinking and dreaming

Awaiting the light

Hidden by night,

Beseeching my plight,

My soul in flight.

Colors of Imagination series. Background design of streaks of color on the subject of art, creativity, imagination and graphic design

Temporary insanity

Tempering rationality.

Irrational emotion

Announcing dissolution,

Honoring intention,

Awaiting revolution.

A blue eye in the middle of a tropical hurricane. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

The desire to fight

Well within my right.

Though chance of victory be slight,

I will prevail with might.

© 2015 Brenda Baker

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