Playing with Angels



When you listen with your heart, you can hear the angels singing. You can hear them in the rustle of the leaves…in a flower’s gentle sway…in the early morning song of a sparrow announcing a new day and new beginnings…

You came into this world full of newborn potential, embraced by the love of your family.

You were so young when the angels called your name.

Heaven is your eternal playground now, filling it with the everlasting music of your laughter. A song of joy and celebration, as you play with the angels. If I listen very carefully, I can hear you. Your young spirit captured forever in a state of wonder and innocence. Dark brown eyes opened wide in amazement, gazing at the beauty which surrounds you. 

I  hope they’ve taught you how to dance…

Magic pink rhododendron flowers in the mountains. Summer sunrise

Our father has also joined you in your eternal playground. He missed you so much. The angels understood, and have given you an eternity together. Side by side you walk, outplaying time and space.

You were only five years old when the angels called your name. Every now and then, a beautiful spirit is born. Too beautiful to be bound by Earth. The angels saw this and set you free.

We are all destined to see you again some day.

Together, we will sing and dance all through your heavenly playground. We will take long walks at night, admiring the stars shining down on our family, who ought not mourn, but rejoice in your laughter.

Each star, a brilliant reflection of our love for them, and theirs for us, connecting all of us in the dark night sky.

We will sing and dance to the chorus of the angels. Together, we will celebrate the beauty that surrounds us. I hope you’ve made lots of other friends in heaven as well.

Have the angels given you a dog? What would you have named it? Sport perhaps?

Are there planes or maybe even hot air balloons at your playground? Have you learned to navigate the skies in a plane or hot air balloon of your very own?

You could give me a ride some day. Together, we could sail Heaven’s untold skies.

I hope they’ve taught you how to fly…

Biplano al tramonto - Freedom

For Heaven is your eternal playground,

 filling it with the everlasting music of your laughter. 

A song of joy and celebration. 

You play with the angels now. 

If I listen very carefully, I can hear you.

The music is there.

All we have to do is listen with our hearts.

Walk with Me

© 2015 Brenda Baker

Author’s note:

I would like to thank my sister for giving me permission to use her beautiful illustration Walk with Me,  depicting our brother and father. Forever etched in time by love.

To Roy: “Morning has Broken” by Cat Stevens

2 comments on “Playing with Angels”

  1. I’m overwhelmed with emotion. Cannot thank you enough for writing this. You captured them beautifully with words, and I’m honored to have been able to do so with art. Thank you!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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