You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. ~Annie Proulx


I’m what most would call an introvert – at least I hope most would choose that description versus something less kind.

At some point, I discovered my love of writing which is why I’ve created this site. It provides me with the perfect excuse to indulge in what I love.

I won’t pretend to be a great writer – which isn’t the point. For me, life isn’t about sticking with what you know or what you’re good at. It’s about celebrating and pursuing your passions. Besides, if I only stuck with what I know and excel at, I wouldn’t get very far.

Through my blog I will be sharing my thoughts about love, hate and everything else in between. 

One of the things that I’ve learned over the years is just how little I actually know. That’s fine with me. Life as we know, is about the journey, and not the destination.

If you do take the time to read any of my ramblings, I’m extremely honored. Also, please feel free to comment and offer your feedback.

Thanks for stopping by!

Antique Typewriter. Vintage Typewriter Machine Closeup Photo.

8 comments on “You should write because you love the shape of stories and sentences and the creation of different words on a page. ~Annie Proulx”

  1. Your honesty is refreshing, like a breath of fresh air. I think many of us can relate to what you just said. Looking forward to following you


  2. Good stuff your words flow
    I usually use the word asocial for myself.I do get out but not for long.
    Because of a serious head injury at age 5 I have a difficult time with words, someone on g+ an A Long encouraged me to write although im not good at it writing helps me with gathering my thoughts well a little anyway lol


    1. Hi John 🙂 First of all, thank you for reading my blog. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident. I started writing for the love of it. I’m still not convinced that it qualifies as good writing. Regardless, I love the process and so I’ll continue, good or not. Like you, it helps me gather my thoughts. If you love to write than you should continue putting those words to paper.


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